Sunday, March 29, 2009

More LOST Season 5 Finale filming!


I cannot believe my luck, finally, here so close to filming the end of Season 5 of LOST! This morning I was at home when I got a hot tip (via Renee on twitter) that LOST was filming again today! I was surprised to hear this because yesterday (Saturday, March 28) was supposed to be the final day of filming for Season 5. I asked the hubby if we could go check it out and he agreed (even though it was kind of a far drive). We all piled into the truck and were on our way. We saw where the filming was taking place so we found a place to park and walked over there. At first we were told that we couldn't go where we were trying to go watch. So, we crossed the street and watched from there. We also were told not to take pictures. So I didn't get any pictures at all today which was a bummer! Anyways they were filming a street scene that involved a car in a hit and run with a woman on the ground and Sayid running to her aid. It was really cool to watch them film. The cars had California plates and were relatively recent models. They took a lunch break and so did we. We went back to see if filming had resumed when we were done eating. It had, so we went back to stand in the same places we were previously. They were filming scenes of Sayid and the woman on the ground from different angles. Then we were told we had to move so that we wouldn't be in the background so we went across the street to where we were trying to go when we first got there. At this point, there wasn't much action as the scene was most likely close-ups of Sayid and the woman on the ground. I noticed a cool street sign that indicated that this was supposed to be the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and La Brea Ave. I also spotted LOST podcaster Ryan Ozawa with a bird's eye view of the scene! Later, Ryan came to talk to us and he said that the woman on the ground was Sayid's wife, Nadia! Wow! I was trying to figure out who the woman was, but with my bad eye sight and the distance that we were at, I couldn't tell who it was. I knew it had to be "somebody" though, not just some random person, and I was right! Soon after, filming wrapped and they started to break down the set and go home. We were standing on the corner when a van drove by shuttling people to "Base Camp" and Naveen Andrews was sitting in the front seat with the window down. I waved as they drove by and he smiled at me! Woo-hoo, what a day!

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