Friday, March 27, 2009

LOST Season 5 finale filming!


Yesterday (Thursday, March 26) I had the day off from work and was at home with the kids when the hubby calls at around 11am. He said that he thought they might be filming LOST at the prison near his work. The kids and I piled into the car and off we went on the hunt for LOST! We got there at around 11:30 am, but there was nothing there. Either it was not LOST filming that he and his co-workers saw or they were finished by the time we got there. We were bummed : (

So today (Friday, March 27) I go to work. As soon as I get there, a co-worker comes up to me to tell me that they are going to be filming LOST nearby today at a church on Renton Road. I asked the boss if I could go home early today, but unfortunately, I had to work all day. When I got back in the office in the afternoon, the same co-worker said that they were still there. She said that when she was in the area earlier in the day, they were still setting up, so they were still there filming in the afternoon. I went home to change clothes and grab my camera. I drove to Renton Road and she was right - they were still there filming. They would actually stop traffic as they were shooting. I drove by and then parked my truck at the Post Office. Walked a little ways down the road until I was across the street from the church where they were filming. I didn't want to get too close so I stayed across the street and took a few pictures, trying to be incognito. I realized I wasn't at a very good spot to see the actual filming - I could mostly see the camera guy and crew and extras - so I walked a little further down the road. This was a better spot and I could see them filming a scene. Unfortunately for me, I was also spotted taking pictures. So, one of the guys came over to talk to me. He said that it was okay for me to watch, but that they didn't want me to take pictures because they didn't want them to show up on the internet because they were shooting the season finale! Wow! So I said okay and then asked him if he could tell me anything about the shoot. He said that the scene is a young James meeting Jacob! The scene is set in the 70's and they are filming a double funeral scene with two caskets so I assume this is young James Ford's parents' funeral. (James' father killed James' mother and then himself in a murder-suicide when James was 8 years old back in 1977) Since I couldn't take any more pictures, I decided to move in a little closer where I saw other people watching. I watched them film another scene of mourners at the funeral, and then the pall bearers loading both caskets into two hearses and then they drove away. It was so cool to be so close to the action. I only wish I had seen some of the stars from LOST like Josh Holloway, Matthew Fox, or Jorge Garcia.

I have a few pictures (nothing great though) but am not posting them out of respect for the cast and crew of LOST who asked me specifically not to. I will post some and a link to the rest later after the season finale airs.

Okay, so the Season 5 Finale has aired so I posted two of the pictures above and the rest are available on my Flickr account.

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