Friday, February 8, 2008

LOST S4 episode 2 party at Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Well, last week we went to Planet Hollywood for the Season 4 Premiere Party of LOST. We called Planet Hollywood earlier in the week to get more info on the event and they told us that there might be cast members, crew, and VIPs present. Well, that sealed the deal for me - cast members? Yes, I am soo there! Unfortunately, the cast members were not! I did not recognize any cast members other than the actor who is the stunt double/stand-in for Terry O'Quinn.

So... this week we decide to give the LOST Party at Tropical Smoothie Cafe a try. We called there earlier in the week to make sure it was an every week thing (not just a premiere thing) and they said that they would be having it every week. They also said there would be prizes, so I was definitely interested in going for prizes!

I am not much of a smoothie drinker (don't like many fruits, don't like Jamba Juice), but I figured I'd just try something... Then, I get the brilliant idea to look online if maybe they have website or something. Well, they do and I learn that Tropical Smoothie Cafe is actually a franchise from the mainland. And, they have a wide variety of food on the menu (sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups) in addition to a lot of different smoothie flavors. I looked over the menu and tried to decide what I might want to try that night as I waited for the hubby to get home from work.

Fast forward to about 8pm... we arrived at Tropical Smoothie Cafe and found a little table, kind of in the middle of the shop. The ending of last week's episode of LOST was showing on the TV and most of the patrons that were already there were facing the TV screen watching. We looked at the menu and ordered our food. There were also complimentary hot dogs, but we decided to try a wrap and sandwich. We sat down to wait for our food while watching LOST. I ordered a Chicken Cordon Bleu wrap ($6.99 and it came with a bag of Sunchips or fruit, I think) and the hubby ordered a Turkey Bacon Ranch sandwich ($7.99 also with a bag of Sunchips). Both were excellent! They were cut in half so we shared so that we could get a taste of them both. The hubby also had a Sunrise Sunset Smoothie ($4.99) and I choose a Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie ($5.29). I loved mine! It was peanut butter, chocolate, and bananas - yummy! The hubby tried it and said he was getting it next time. He didn't really like his too much (said it was too fruity) but I don't know what he was expecting since it was made out of strawberries, pineapples, mango, and oranges. During the first commercial break in LOST, Teddy Wells, who co-owns Tropical Smoothie Cafe, drew lucky numbers for some Lost and Tropical Smoothie prizes. If your number was called, you got to pick which prize you wanted. I was hoping my number (or the hubby's) would get picked as I was eyeing up the "Kate" action figure. Oh well, no prizes for us, maybe next time. I was hoping for some trivia questions to answer for prizes, but that was it as far as prizes for the night. Teddy explained that Honolulu Advertiser writer Caryn Kunz, was unable to come to the LOST Party that night, so maybe that is why there were no trivia questions. They also announced that they were selling LOST Season 4 t-shirts for $12 (I think). I plan on getting one next time (unless I can win one!) As soon as the show was over they thanked us for coming out to watch and everybody left so they could close up. Their normal business hours are until 8pm, but they stay open later for LOST on Thursdays!

All in all, it was an enjoyable event. The food and smoothie were great, LOST was great, there were prizes, etc... We'll be back next week!

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