Sunday, September 23, 2007

LOST Symphony

So... awhile ago I heard that there was going to be a LOST Symphony at the Waikiki Shell on September 22. I mentioned it to the hubby and asked if he wanted to go. He was not interested, I guess he heard Symphony more than he heard Lost... I was bummed, but in the days/weeks that followed, I continued to talk about it and tried to get him to change his mind about going.

Flash forward to Monday, September 17, 2007: I get an email that the Honolulu Symphony was offering members of the Hawaii Lost Fan Club a 20% discount! Well, that was it... I printed out the email with the phone number to call and gave it to the hubby. He called on Tuesday and said that we got pretty good seats (in the middle CC section, row 6). They were supposed to be $94 tickets, but he got them for a discounted price of $79. Yes, I know that's not quite 20%, but I figured there were some fees or something added in... They were going to mail the tickets and they'd arrive in two days (Thursday).
Thursday, I am anxiously awaiting the tickets to see what seats we got, but - no tickets!
Friday - NO TICKETS either! The hubby calls the Box Office again to find out what we are supposed to do if the tickets do not show up on Saturday (the day of the event!) He is told that they never processed the first order! They supposedly didn't have his credit card info (even though he insists he gave it to them). So, he has to just do another order. this time we get section CC, but row 16! Argh! 10 rows farther back! The tickets were $75 each and we were to pick them up at Will Call.

Saturday, September 22, 2007 - LOST Symphony night!
We left the house at about 5:40 pm. Got to Waikiki at around 6:15. Drove around for awhile, looking for parking. After parking, we walk to the Will Call to pick up our tickets. Then, we walk to grab a bite at Teddy's Bigger Burgers. Yummy! Then walk quickly back to the Waikiki Shell before the 7:30 start time.
The Symphony was awesome! They had a big screen above, that showed clips from LOST and close-ups of the musicians. Executive producer, Carlton Cuse was there and spoke briefly at the start of the event. During the concert, Emmy award winner, Terry O'Quinn read "messages from the bottle" (from Season two, when the survivors wrote messages to take on the raft). At the end of the first act, there were people who came out carrying lighted torches.
At intermission, we got up to take a closer look. There were palm fronds on stage and various pieces of luggage. There was also a large section of the Oceanic plane on the ground in front of the stage and a Dharma logo on the stage, near the conductor. In the VIP section near the front I saw Jorge Garcia and Daniel Dae Kim. We were not able to get any pics or autographs, though, so that was a bummer. I also heard that Evangeline Lilly was spotted there, but I did not see her. I even met a friend I had only known previously through MySpace and not in real life! Composer Michael Giacchino was there and I got a picture of him. Unfortunately, this is the last pic I took as my camera battery decided to die right after that!
Act two was great also, and towards the end of the show, Michael Giacchino came on stage and conducted the Symphony for (I think) two songs. Then they did a song from Ratatouille, closing the evening.

All in all, it was a fantastic evening (even though I got blisters on my toes from my shoes!)... but it would've been even better if we had gotten our original seats and/or gotten pics/autographs of Jorge and/or Daniel.


Char said...

WOW! I am so happy for(and jealous of)you!!!!!!!

Sounds like a great time!

(Sorry about your toes) :)

victor Rocco said...

hola feliz navida, yo tambien soy fanatico de lost, te invito que conoscas mi blog se llama, chao felices fiestas.